Driver: Chloe Lynch

Chloe is a Sixteen year old Semi-Pro Racecar Driver in the INEX Legend Series. Lynch's number 50 U.S. Legend Car adorns the U.S. Paratroopers logo in dedication to a fallen soldier, Joshua Daniel Philips. Chloe Lynch was not a racing enthusiast when she visited the, Las Vegas Motor Speedway with her Father and Uncle one August night in 2017. In fact, she hadn’t been to the Speedway since her Uncle had his race team there in 2007. Over that ten year period, Chloe's brothers were involved in Local Youth and High School Football. So she was a Cheerleader of sorts. But bottled up inside that pre-teen was a racer ready to be unleashed.

In 2017 she ran a few races and was mind set on the road course and learning to handle the INEX Bandolero. She walked away with Rookie Honors, as she did at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway's The Bullring, a 3/8th mile banked oval. In 2019 Chloe set a goal, to Win the INEX Outlaw Track Championship. She met that Goal, and took the Nevada State and Outlaw West National Titles as well. (Read More)

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Known for her Stealth Like colors, Chloe Lynch adds some Color to her ride for the 2021 season. "She has always gravitated towards the flat or Matte colors, but when we brought NAPA onboard they asked for blue, she wasn't happy," commented her Father and Crew Chief, Brad. He continued, "She showed them Chase Elliott's black and yellow scheme and they agreed on adding some yellow. That was a rough battle, and now she wanted to spice it up and wanted Pink."

2019 USLCI West Outlaw Bandolero Champion

The Making of A Champion

Chloe Lynch - 2019 Las Vegas Bullring Champion, 2019 Nevada State Champion and the 2019 'Inaugural' West Series Champion.

Chloe is the first Female to win a national title in the Outlaw Bandoleros in the 27 yr history of the series. And was the only Female to win a national title in 2019.

2021 Silver State Legend Series 5th Place (Young Lions)
2020 COVID-19 Season (Ran races without Points)
2019 USLCI West Outlaw Bandolero Champion
2019 Nevada State Outlaw Bandolero Champion
2019 Las Vegas Bullring Outlaw Bandolero Champion
2018 Las Vegas Bullring Outlaw Bandolero Rookie of The Year
2018 Silver State Road Course Rookie of The Series (Outlaw Bandolero)

Urban Nest - Shelia Lynch
Las Vegas Mobile Mechanic - Motorhead
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Electric Sunglasses

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