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Las Vegas, Nv (Sept. 21st, 2019) - A young girl who was a cheerleader for her brother's youth football team went to the race track one night with her Father and her Uncle. She met a couple kids in the Pits and found they raced cars and that she could race too... Never having an interest in cars, yet her Father a mechanic by trade, a bond begin to form between this Father and Daughter. That was August of 2017.

In her first full season of racing, Chloe claimed the Rookie Honors, for both Road Course and Oval racing at The Bullring @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In this her second full season, Chloe Lynch claimed her first Championship Title in Motorsports tonight in Las Vegas.

After blowing 2 engines yesterday, 1 in practice and 1 on the last lap of the fastest race of the season, Chloe started on the Pole in tonight's U.S. Legend Cars West INEX Outlaw Bandolero Feature on the famed 3/8 mile high banked oval, only to drive in a little hot and tag the rear bumper of the leader. Both cars spun with Chloe ending up sideways and not getting hit by just one, but two cars front and rear.

Chloe is ok, the car is a little beat up, but after the race was over it was announced that Chloe Lynch in fact won the track Championship by 6 points


Las Vegas, Nv (August 31st, 2019) - A majestic sky crowned the night that witnesses the return of the grasshoppers and some great racing at the Bullring.

In the battle of the desert heat and asphalt this weekend, the crews on the INEX Outlaw Bandolero’s along with their drivers found some science within their passion for speed. With the top 5 cars being just tenth’s of a second from each-other, the pack would surly be set to display skills and driving ability. As the competition has heated up all year with multiple drivers visiting Victory Circle, the hungry eye of the tiger sits with them all.

Friday night’s feature saw Lynch starting Third in the Caution Free 12 lap event crossing the line in the Second position.

Saturday night, the opening act of the night’s entertainment was the INEX Outlaw Bandolero’s, one of the most competitive series at the track, showing the future of our sport is bright with diversity and spirit. At the drop of the green the pack was tight and not all cars made it through turns 1 & 2, another spin in 3 & 4 the Yellow came out and they lined up for the restart. Yet that wouldn’t be the only restart of the event, after several attempts to keep the pack clean, the track officials called for a “single car line up” to start the Outlaw Feature.

With the final restart finding Lynch in the second position, she held her ground to the Checkers crossing the line 2nd for the second night in a row.
“It was a good points weekend, and we’ll take it and come back stronger next time,” commented Lynch.


Las Vegas, Nv. (Aug. 25th, 2019) - In an unexpected turn of events, INEX Driver, Chloe Lynch made her U.S. Legend Cars International and INEX Legend Series debut in front of a shocked and excited crowed. As the series came onto the track to start the evenings racing, it was announced that the number 50 was in fact, Bandolero Series points leader, Chloe Lynch, and the crowed went wild with Cheers in the stands of the short track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

"We didn't plan on this at all, we were set to just practice in the legend, but we felt, what the heck, let's do it," stated Brad Lynch. "She brought it home in one piece and ran every lap, I couldn't be more proud!"

Chloe held her lines and moved up and over for the leaders, and that is a part of learning as well. To go from, well basically a high powered lawn mower engine, to a 1000cc engine with a manual transmission is enough of a learning curve, yet to have more experience being a front runner, the calmness of this Rookie in traffic, showed one more sign she is ready to move up to faster and heavier cars.

The Bandolero Feature was one of the cleanest run this year. "I could pass someone by taking them out real easy, but I don't race like that," commented Chloe, who has held that sentiment since day one of her 2 year career.

After starting in the second row, Chloe held back a little, as the night previous the two front cars get together and she was able to pass and make a charge to the lead and hold it the entire feature, bringing home a win for her and the team. So with some caution she held back but found herself on the rear bumper of the 35 car. With many great runs off of turn four, Chloe held a clean line as the 35 car had some pretty clean and simply awesome moves to keep her held back, crossing the line in 4th at the Checkers, marking the first non podium finish this year.

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